Nutrition Mission

Nutrition Mission

12 week programme

  • Description

    This is the ultimate package so take it all the way! Get ready for 12 weeks of consultation sessions, goal setting, action plans, diet and lifestyle analysis and a great deal more. You will be guided with tailor made dietary and lifestyle recommendations which are designed to match your lifestyle and walk hand in hand with your needs. One of our sessions will be held at Dical House and you will be given 30 euro worth of health foods recommended to suite your health goals. Apart from the great rapport you will build with your coach, you will benefit from super deals which target both health and fitness: Free Warehouse Fitness Studio class and great discount from class packages, 10% discount on DEA slimming package and 10% on personal training programmes at The Fitness Loft Malta.

  • Details

    • 6 consultation sessions
    • Body composition testing: weigt, BMI, bone mass, water content, muscle mass, metabolic age, waist to hip ratio, calliper testing
    • Dietary analysis and interpretation through Nutritics software
    • Guided goal-setting, accountability and realistic action steps
    • 1 product recommendation session at Dical House
    • Tailor-made dietary and lifestyle recommendations
    • PDF meal prepping guide with recipes
    • Continuous communication via email or chat with your Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.
    • 10% discount on next programme
    • Scitec supplement recommendation - free delivery and shake bottle
    • Free Warehouse Fitness Studio class workout
    • Dical House €30 worth of nutritious food products
    • 10% discount on DEA slimming package
    • 10% discount on Personal Training at The Fitness Loft
€200.00 Regular Price
€170.00Sale Price

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