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Eat & Fuel - The Ultimate

Eat & Fuel - The Ultimate

24 week programme

  • Description

    This is the ultimate package so take it all the way! Get ready for 24 weeks of consultation sessions, goal setting, action plans, diet and lifestyle analysis and a great deal more. You will be guided with tailor made dietary and lifestyle recommendations which are designed to match your lifestyle and walk hand in hand with your needs. An Inbody scan is also included which will detail your fat %  muscle mass and segmented body areas which will indicate accordingly the appropriate focus both in training and diet. 

  • Details

    • 24 weeks Nutrition meal plan programme
    • 6 one-one consultation sessions with your nutrition coach 
    • 10 online fitness sessions 
    • Body composition analysis
    • Dietary analysis and interpretation 
    • Guided goal-setting, accountability and realistic action steps
    • Tailor-made dietary and lifestyle recommendations
    • Recipe Book 
    • InBody composition test
    • Restaurant Recommendations
    • Continuous communication via email or chat with your Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.
    • 15% on Flavours for Health products
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