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Healthy baklava bars !!

So I found this cool recipe for a healthy version of baklava. No pastry or butter but instead an infusion of nuts and flour plus my I cheated and topped it with my fav chocolate protein. Sorry I'm a chocolate lover 🌰♥️😋 Recipe below!! Ingredients: 1/2 cup hazelnuts 1/2 cup almonds 1/2 cup oat flour @bauckhof 1/4 cup tahini @biorinatura 1/4 cup maple syrup @biorinatura 1 1/2 tbs. Coconut oil @biorinatura 2 tbs. Coconut flour 1/2 Tsp. Cinnamon 1 tbs. Peanut butter @healthyco 2 tbs. Proteinella chocolate spread @healthyco Any choice of nuts can be used. Method: In a food processor mix the nuts and oat flour together. In a pan melt the coconut oil and fry the nuts and oat flour mix on low heat. Once roasted, add the coconut flour, tahini, maple syrup and cinnamon. In a separate pan melt the peanut butter and pour onto the mix. Line a dish and pat down the mix with a spoon. Drizzle over maple syrup and refrigerate for an hour. Spread proteinella chocolate spread to add that cheeky touch and sprinkle with more crushed hazelnuts. Enjoy!!! Tell us what you think!!

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