Food Ammo Online

Food Ammo Online

12 week online programme

  • Description

    Food Ammo is a super deal for anyone who works long hours and still wants to make significant changes to their lifestyle! You will be guided for 12 whole weeks on your dietary intake and also lifestyle tips needed for you to embrace the change you are about to make. You will be guided through skype sessions for 12 weeks on how to make your food intake match up with your busy schedule. 12 weeks full of healthy tips and guidelines, communication at its best and great discounts on: Fitness Loft programmes from top local trainers located in the centre of Malta, DEA slimming packages and Scitec supplements and shakes

  • Details

    • 4 consultation sessions via skype
    • Dietary analysis and interpretation through Nutritics software.
    • Guided goal-setting, accountability and realistic action steps.
    • Tailor-made dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
    • PDF meal prepping guide with recipes.
    • Continuous communication via email or chat with your Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.
    • 10% discount on next programme
    • Scitec Malta supplement discounts, free delivery and shaker bottle
    • 10% discount on Fitness Loft Home training programme
    • 10% discount on DEA Slimming Package

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