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Working out and scales!!

As we have seen covid 19 pin the world against the wall, we have also observed the craze and rush to purchase weights for home workouts, eagerness to join fitness online classes and unprecedented rise in interest in overall health.

Shouldn't it have always been as so? For sure. But this is either the natural survival instinct of humans to want to make it out of this alive, or simply the sensation of trending along with what the rest of the world is doing. If nothing much has come out of this pandemic, its the realisation that one cannot possibly live a couch potato life. Even though things where exactly the same where physical daily fitness is concerned.. NIL.

So I would like to point out to those who never lifted weights or participated in online fitness classes, pre-covid, aware of certain facts about training.

1. The warming up, stretching and cool down is still essential, even though you are in your living room. It prevents injury and also speeds up muscle recovery!

2. When working out with weights: if you simply want to tone, use light weights and many repetitions (15-20), while if you want to build muscle, use heavier weights and less repetitions (10-12).

3. Vary your workouts! If Monday you worked on your upper body, then try to work on your lower body the next day!

4. Rest. This is something we all try to avoid as we take on the 'no pain no gain' type of attitude. But no.. Please do rest! Pushing your limits and all that is great, but please take one or two days a week to let your body recuperate and refuel!

5. Just because you are working out daily does not mean you have the right to devour as much unhealthy food as your kitchen can hold, and then proclaim that your workouts are showing no results! Diet is 70% of achieving your desired weight. On the other hand, we all deserve a cheat meal once a week. Yes meal, Not day !! :)

6. Scales are there for the kitchen. I have had friends telling me that their workouts are great but their scales are not doing them any favours in kg, BUT that in reality their waist line is slimming down. DO NOT let the scales discourage you. Muscle is much heavier than fat. Remember, home workouts and online classes with definitely not make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, as although you use weights, cardio is also a part of your workout. Don't worry and just use your eyes as a weight watcher!

It is great to know your weaknesses and learn from others. Leave a comment with anything you want to add that comes to mind about working out at home, misconceptions and myths.

May you have a great sweaty workout !!

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Thanks for your comment. There are a few factors to take into consideration. 1. If you are a training athlete the scales might not recognise all the effort you are putting in. The usual bathroom scales usually show just the weight in kgs. Ideally one invests in a set of scales for bioelectrical impedance analysis. These scales analyse fat percentage, muscle mass and water retention. Scales has become very old school as modern technology has proven there is more to just kgs than what we know. For a non athlete scales can be a guideline but it will not define if you have reached your optimal health or not. Individuality in nutrition is huge. Humans are is therefore ne…


So why do nutritionist and others still use the scales a lot to measure improvement?!

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